Client Testimonials:

"You were great. We're so glad we had you. You're your own best advertising. A bunch of people asked us for cards!" - L.T., American Airlines

"The 'Nerdy Bureaucrat' character performed well under adverse conditions. The room was noisy, but she delivered her performance professionally." - Michael F.

"You have a neat, fun way of making people laugh at themselves. Thanks for a great job." - K.S., Sewell Lexus (Renova Corp.)

"Everything turned out just great. Everything that y'all put together was just perfect. Everybody loved it. We were thrilled to death. Now that I know how talented you are and what quality you can produce, I'm glad to know about you. You did a terrific job." - J.B., Deloitte & Touche

"This is to let you know how pleased we were... I got some really great feedback from everybody. It was really done well. She did a really excellent job. I thought you'd like to know she was fun, funny and appropriate. We'll use her again." - S.H., Visual Soft

"Fantastic! Everyone is still talking about it! We wish we could have taped it! You're great!" - S.F., Campbell Agency

"Marilyn was super. It was a huge success and a real surprise. We have great pictures. Thanks for all your efforts." - Ed E.

"It was definitely a success! good time was had by all. As far as feedback - the Baglady was pure comedy! She roasted Perry like she deserved to be roasted on her 40th B-day! it was brilliant. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in search of a great party gag! Thanks for everything... and thanks for helping roast Perry!" - Sasha D.

"Re: Redneck Cousin. We had fun... we had lots and lots of fun.... we were cracking up! We will be calling you all again!" - A.W. at Premier Properties

"The Country Cousin was fabulous. Thanks so much. There is nothing she could have done to make it better, it was perfect. Thanks." - Melanie W. after event at Campisi's

"That lady was really funny. We called on short notice and she did a great job. We had to stop her in the hall and tell her how great she was." - B.L., Strategic Software

"Absolutely fabulous! We enjoyed ourselves so much. Thank you, that was terrific. We hope to use you again." - P.P. at Nail Talk

"The Bag lady did a wonderful birthday surprise for my lady. Everyone was very happy with it and very surprised. 'Trudy' did a great job. I'd like to send her a few extra bucks for a job well done!" - Bryant S, for his lady friend's 50th

"Thanks so much for Jon (Superman) today. He was wonderful & fabulous and SO much more than we expected. He was such a hunk and so delightful, he just MADE our presentation. He came in and said he was 'here to save the day!!!' So fun! We just can't thank you enough. He WAS a SUPER man! Thanks SO much." - Angela W. at Promo Shop, after having "Superman" appear at their client pitch

"I would like to personally thank you for helping me with the party. Cher was the best. Everyone loved her. She was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for helping me. I thank Cher also. Very professional." - Judy B. for her brother's 40th birthday

"Cher was a huge hit... she did a great job! The audience loved her. You should be getting more business from this because lots of people asked where she came from. Thanks a lot." - Robbie W. at Center for Spiritual Living

"Re: Mother Goose. I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your visit. The kids really loved you, they couldn't stop talking about it when you left. We had a great time and will definitely recommend you to our friends. Hope to see you again one day soon." - M. McMasters, Plano

"The Biker Babe was great! I couldn't have been more pleased with her performance. We will definitely hang onto your phone number & use your company in the future." - Jennifer at Morrison Supply in Ft. Worth

"I'm just in love with that lady. We just have to have her back at all our parties!" - N.P. at Temps by Norma

"Wonderful, just wonderful. I will recommend you guys; you worked in everything we told you about. A really good job." - M.S. (for her mom's 50th)

"Thank you for everything - he loved it! :) Please add a tip to our order!" - Angie at KMPG

"She was wonderful... I appreciate her good taste and wonderful sense of humor. She was absolutely delightful." - J.P., Today's Temps

" 'Austin Powers' did a great job! It was a great example of under sell and over deliver. We didn't expect him to study our brochure and use our information so well. We couldn't have asked for a better host and M/C!" - Sandra at North Texas Medical Center

"Was at a friend's birthday party tonight and lo and behold, M.F. came in as 'Bill Clinton' and did a great routine. Went over well. It was good to see him." - W.W. at East Dallas "Big 5-0" Celebration

"Please make sure Jon receives a tip for his performance. Thank you so much for working with me on this with such short notice. Jon was great, produced the laughs and the red face on Alison as we'd hoped. Again, thanks." - Gloria McE.

"Thank you so much!! Everything was so perfect and he was really surprised... You guys really made his day. I downplayed his birthday all day yesterday and he was a little upset that it would just be a 'regular' day, until 2pm then his day was brought to life!! Everyone in my office is talking about it and everyone in his office is still talking about it. That was the funniest thing I have ever seen and he really had a great time. He kept telling me that was the best birthday he has ever had! I am not sure how I will out do that next year? I cannot say thank you enough for making his birthday the best!! Please add a tip to the total. Thanks again!!" - Avenell M.

"Thank you! Cher was a huge hit. My sister loved it and so did everyone at the party. I really appreciate your making it happen at the last minute. Many, many thanks!" - Robin

"He was delightful... everyone was asking me where I found him!" - Judy V. at Highpoint Rehabilitation Institute

[Client list available on request]

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