A Comedy-Gram is like a singing telegram... only FUNNIER!
What is a Comedy-Gram?

Basically, the way that we work at Custom Comedy is we get info from you about your celebrant or situation. A working professional comic puts together a brief, personalized comedy roast, clean & good natured. They can then do a funny song & a sing-a-long. Certain entertainers are stronger singers than comics and may put your info in a custom song... we leave that choice to the artist and our clients are always pleasantly surprised! If you give us advanced notice, we also include a token gift like a rose, or balloons or a custom surprise connected to the character you choose.

How are they priced?

There are a number of costumed characters to choose from. Typical comic characters are value priced, especially considering you get a working pro that has been seen in local comedy clubs, corporate events or possibly Vegas. Parody celebrity impersonators are priced higher because they take more prep time. There are additional charges to travel outside Dallas but we will send someone anywhere in the Dallas "Metroplex" if client is willing to add for travel. Also for an extra charge, we can rent or build special wardrobe if you don't find what you want on our list! Need more info? Click and check out our Email Form.

For what occasions can I get a comedy gram?

We can do birthdays, promos, retirements, goodbyes, valentines, any occasion. Just let us know how we can make your event FUN! For corporate, our comic characters can sell the presentation appointment, deliver thank you's, sales incentives or anything you want to make memorable. Whether it's your clients or employees, we can deliver anything you like, from balloons to flowers to morning donuts and more. Need an idea? Let us help you dream something up! Our writer performers do consulting as well. Already have an ad agency? Let us provide the promotional talent and follow through.

I need some ideas or suggestions, can you help?

Check out our list of acts to choose from. Click any red link to see a representative photo of one of our many characters. Or visit our Gallery to see photographs. You can also read what people are saying about us in the Testimonials section.

How much notice do you need?

All acts subject to availability. For best selection, book in advance. We can, on a limited basis, give some same-day service; CALL SOON to see which performers are available.

Want more info?

For more new character photos and shots of our comedians in action, check out our FaceBook page. ...BECOME A FAN!

Note About Photos:

The red links are to photos showing just a sample of Custom Comedy's many parody celebrity impressionists and comedy characters. The company reserves the right to substitute an equal or better talent than the one pictured. The talents depicted in the photos many not be identical to the one at your party. Objects are larger than they appear onscreen and may be closer than they seem in a side-view mirror.

I want to book. How can I set up a comedy-gram?

Call Custom Comedy's Hotline: (214) 321-8118

or use our convenient EMAIL FORM


Custom Comedy Parody
Celebrity Impressionist Choices:

(click on a name to see photo)

Trump & Hillary
Drew Carey & Mimi Bobek
Mimi Bobek #1
Mimi Bobek #2
Edna Turnbladtt
Elvis ("MF")
Elvis ("AN")
Elvis ("RB")
Elvis ("DA") #1
Elvis ("DA") #2
Elvis ("BW")
Elvis ("GGM")
Blues Brothers
Austin Powers #1
Austin Powers #2
Dr. Evil
Father Guido Sarducci
Groucho Marx & Marx Brothers
Charlie Chaplin
Mulder & Scully (X Files)
Indiana Jones
Marilyn ("BW")
Marilyn ("BW2")
Marilyn ("SW")
Shania Twain
Sonny & Cher
Dolly Parton SW
Dolly Parton RM
Barbra Striesand
Paul McCartney ("AN")
Paul McCartney ("JP")
Roy Orbison
Johnny Cash
Elizabeth Taylor
Regis Philbin
Humphrey Bogart ("TL")
Humphrey Bogart ("JP")
Indiana Jones ("PP")
Linda Richmann (Cawfee Tawk)
"KISS" band member
Tony Soprano
Power Ranger
Johnny Depp
Jack Sparrow
Janis Joplin
Mad Hatter
Karate Kid
Rat Pack Swinger
Bret Michaels
Dr. Phil
Willy Wonka

Other Available Impressionists:
"The Situation" (Jersey Shore)
"Snookie" Wannabe (Jersey Shore)
Church Lady
Chatty Cathy (Giant)
Miss Marple
Rodney Dangerfield
Inspector Clousseau
Sp*nge Bub
Gloria Estafan
Mama Cass
Robert di Niro
Howard Stern
George Bush
Bill Clinton
Al Gore
Ross Perot
Ed McMahon
Custom Comedy
Character Choices:

(click on a name to see photo)

Traditional Telegram
Mother Goose
Crazy Granny "TB"
Crazy Granny "KK"
Fairy Godmother
Biker Babe
Outer Space Babe
Brunhilde/Large Opera Lady
   ("And the fat lady sings...")
Super Hero
Big Tex
Large "Hooters Girl"
Incredible Hunk
Disco Lounge Lizard Guy
Football Fan-atic
Long-Lost Redneck Cousin
Country Cousin Earlene #1
Country Cousin Earlene #2
Big Baby
Cowboy Hunk
Sheriff "JR"
Sheriff "JJ"
Tuxedo Serenade "WW"
Sheriff Hunk
Mad Doctor
Belly Dancer
Belly Dancers
Gypsy Fortune Teller
Biker Chick
Card Shark "JR"
Card Shark "GS"
Man in Drag "AN"
Man in Drag "JJ"
Fifties Gal or Greaser Guy
Gondolier Serenade
Cougar Lady "TB"
Cougar Lady "SE"
Clumsy Waiter
Psycho Psychic

Other Available Characters:
Disco Lounge Lizard Gal
Lady Wrestler
Betsy Ross
Pooh Bear
G.I. Jane
Love Fairy
French Maid
Nerdy IRS Bureaucrat
Tuxedo Serenade
Big Broadway Baby
Bag Lady
Lucky Shamrock Fairy
Large Scary Nurse
Lady Pirate
Hippie Chick
Vampire Lady
Cruise Ship Sailor
Prom Night Nerd
Clueless School Girl

Holiday Characters:
Cool Valentine FUN
Cupid's Delivery Guy
Cupid's Delivery Hunk
Singing Valentine Heart
Easter Bunny Covered Face
Easter Bunny Open Face
Santa Claus "EW"
Santa Claus "JT"
Santa Claus "JR"
Santa Claus "JH"
Santa Claus & Mrs. Santa "DK"
Mrs. Santa
North Pole Messenger
Christmas Elf "JO"
Christmas Elf "JP"
Christmas Elf "GG"
Christmas Elf "JA"